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Plc Splitter Optical Fiber

Plc Splitter Optical Fiber

Product Details We supply box-type PLC Splitter.This product passed TLC ISO9000 Quality System Certification. We devoted ourselves to FTTH product many years. We are expecting became your-long-term partner in China. 1.Product introduction of the box type plc splitter Planar lightwave circuit...

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Product Details

Planar waveguide light optical distributor (PLC Splitter), is a kind of planar waveguide integrated optical device, it can be 1260nm ~ 1650nm such a wide range of wavelengths of light power reservation in realization, the distribution of wavelength range covers EPON technology used 1310nm, 1490nm and 1550nm three wavelengths. Especially suitable for EPON Ethernet passive optical network access technology FTTP fiber network system, broadband passive optical optical distributor (POS) use.


1×N PLC Splitter (Measured at room temperature and includes connector loss)


1×N PLC splitter (measured at room temperature and excludes connector loss)
Fiber type9/125 um SMF-28e or customer appoint
Operating wavelength(nm)1260~1650
Insertion loss(dB)Typical3.66.810.
Loss uniformity(dB)Max0.
Polarization dependent loss(dB)Max0.
Return loss(dB)MinUPC:50 APC:60
Operating temperature(℃)-40~85
Storage temperature(℃)-40~85

2×N PLC Splitter (Measured at room temperature and includes connector loss) 

Fiber TypeSingle mode G657A1 or customized made 
Operating Wavelength 1260~1650nm
Insertion Loss (dB)Typical4.37.310.813.816.820.8
Loss Uniformity (dB) Max







Polarization Dependent Loss(dB)


Directivity(dB) MINI

 Return Loss (dB) MINI

UPC≥50  APC≥60

Operating Temperature (℃)


Storage Temperature (℃)



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