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Steel Tube 4 Way Fiber Optic PLC Splitter

Steel Tube 4 Way Fiber Optic PLC Splitter

1.Product Introduction of the mini type plc splitter Planar lightwave circuit (PLC for short) splitter is fabricated using silica optical waveguide technology. It features wide operating wavelength range, good channel-to-channel uniformity, high reliability and small size, and is widely used in...

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PLC splitter is based on a quartz substrate integrated waveguide optical power distribution device, has the advantages of small volume, the working wavelength range, high reliability, good light uniformity etc characteristic, is especially suitable for passive optical network ( EPON, BPON, GPON etc ) connected local and terminal equipment and realize the optical signal devide.

Bare PLC splitter  is putting PLC splitter chip and input, output optical fiber array in a square metal tube, out with the diameter of 0.9mm or 250um bare fiber ,fiber can be welded, can also be processing various types of optical fiber connector.

Qingdao APT provides a whole series of 1xN and 2xN splitters that are tailored for specific applications. All products meet "YD/T1117-2001 All optical fiber branching device technical conditions","YD-T 2000-209 PLC Integrated optical devices PLC optical power splitter"etc, and are certified by TLC for network deployment.

• Available for 1x2, 1x4, 1x8, 1x16, 1x32, 1x64, 1x128 and 2x2, 2x4, 2x8, 2x16, 2x32, 2x64 configurations
• With different connectors: LC, SC, FC, etc.
• Available for different packages: Blockless, Steel tube, ABS box, LGX box, Insert-type, Pallet Type,19" Rack    Mount
• Low insertion loss and low PDL
• Excellent uniformity over a wide wavelength range from 1260nm to 1620nm
• Working in temperature from -40ºC to +85ºC
• Fully comply with Telcordia GR-1209-CORE and Telcordia GR-1221-CORE
• Low PDL Passive Optical Networks (PON)
• High Return Loss Local Area Networks (LAN)
• Uniform Power Splitting CATV Systems
• Compact Design Test Equipment


 Performance and technical parameters of the mini type plc splitter

Fiber optic PLC splitter technical specifications
Free SampleYES
DesignOEM & ODM
SpecificationsA  (2.4.8 port) : 60L*7W*4H mm
B (16     port ) : 60L*12W*4H mm
C (32     port ) : 80L*20W*6H mm


fiber optic connectors are available

Insertion Loss   (dB) ≤4.2≤7.4≤10.7≤13.9≤17.2≤21.5≤24
PDL (dB)≤0.2≤0.2≤0.3≤0.3≤0.3≤0.4≤0.5
Uniformity (dB)≤0.6≤0.8≤0.8≤1.0≤1.5≤2.0≤2.0
Return Loss (dB)      ≥50
Directivity (dB) ≥55

Temperature Range 



Storage Temperature




 1*2,1*4,1*8,1*16,1*32,1*64(with/without connectors)

  2*2,2*4,2*8,2*16,2*32,2*64(with/without connectors)

Product qualification of the mini type plc splitter 


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Can I  get samples?

Yes. Samples will be sent for checking. We usually send samples by DHL,Fedex,UPS,TNT or Aramex. If you have carrier account,it'll be pleased to ship with your account. If not,you can pay it by Western Union


Can I get a discount if I order large quantities of an item?

When you buy in large quantities and you can save even more. Simply call corresponding salesman, or Live Chat, or send an email to corresponding salesman for a volume discount.


What methods of payment does APT accept?

We currently accept Trade Assurance service from, or Credit Card. We ensure your Credit Card information is 100% safe and secure.

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