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1*32 Optic Fiber Cable PLC Splitter

1*32 Optic Fiber Cable PLC Splitter

Mini Module Steel Tube Type Fiber Optical Splitter 1*4 PLC Splitter with connectors Product details: We supply Mini-type PLC Splitter.This product passed ISO9000 Quality System certification. We devoted Ourselves to FTTH product many years. We are expecting became your-long-term partner in...

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Product Details

PLC(Planar Lightwave Circuit) Splitters are used to distribute or combine optical signals.
It is based on planar lightwave circuit technology and provides a low cost light distribution solution with small form factor and high reliability.
PLC splitter is a micro-optic element using photolithographic techniques to form optic waveguide at medium or semiconductor substrate for realizing branch distribution function, applicable to passive optical network(EPON,GPON,BPON,FTTX, FTTH) to connect MDF and terminal equipment and achieve the branching of optical signal.
1XN PLC splitters are precision aligning process to divide a single optical input(s) into multiple optical outputs uniformly, while 2xN PLC splitters divide a dual optical input(s)into multiple optical outputs. Spelink PLC splitters offer superior optical performance, high stability and high reliability to meet various application requirements.
The Bare PLC splitters are used for small spaces that can be easily placed in a formal joint boxes and splice closure. In order to facilitate welding, it does not need specially designed for space reserved. We provides a various of 1XN and 2xN PLC bare splitters, including 1×2,1×4,1×8,1×16,1×32,1×64 bare fibre type PLC splitter and 2×2,2×4,2×8,2×16,2×32,2×64 bare fiber type PLC splitters.

1.  Features

Various coupling ratio
Single mode and multi mode available
Low insertion loss, low PDL
Environmental stable
Industry standard and custom housing available
Variety of connectors available 
1x2, 1x4 and 1x n customized couplers configuration available

2.   Applications

Optical communication system
System and signal monitoring
CATV Systems & Fiber Sensors
Fiber to the home (FTTH)
Network redundancy 
Laser splitting

 Performance and technical parameters of the mini type plc splitter

PLC-spec-1x64Product qualification of the mini type plc splitter 


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8.  FAQ

1)Could I have some information about your scope of business? 
Production of optical communication devices, instruments and meters; international trade, entrepot trade, trade and trade between enterprises in the region, processing and warehousing services


How do you feel like the quality of your products?

 We have a very strict quality controlling system which promises that goods we produced are always of the best quality. They enjoy good reputation in the world.


Do you offer guarantee for the products?

A: Yes, we offer 1-2 years warranty to our formal products.

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