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1*2 Fiber Optic Splitter

1*2 Fiber Optic Splitter

Product Details We supply box-type PLC Splitter.This product passed TLC ISO9000 Quality System Certification. We devoted ourselves to FTTH product many years. We are expecting became your-long-term partner in China. 1.Product introduction of the box type plc splitter Planar lightwave circuit...

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Product Details

The FBT splitter (See Figure 2) is fabricated by the traditional technology with over 20 years history. Its manufacturing technique is relatively mature and the manufacturing cost is lower than PLC splitter, so that the FBT optical splitter can be deployed in a cost-effective manner in today’s fiber optic market.



FBT splitters

In the manufacturing process of FBT splitter, there are two or more fibers placed closely together, typically twisted around each other and fused together by applying heat while the assembly is being elongated and tapered. The fused fibers are protected by a glass substrate and then protected by a stainless steel tube. Meanwhile, there is a signal source controls the desired coupling ratio to meet the requirements in applications.

Nowadays, FBT splitters are widely used in passive optical networks, especially in the network where the split configuration is not larger than 1×4. In fact, there is a slight drawback of FBT splitter, the split configuration. In details, if more than four splits are required, multiple FBT splitters can be spliced together in concatenation to multiply the amount of splits available, like a tree splitter. By using this design, the package size increases due to multiple FBT splitters and the insertion loss also increases with the additional splitters. Therefore, if high split counts are needed, small package size and low insertion loss are also required, you are suggested to choose a PLC splitter, instead of the FBT splitter.


Parameters FBT Splitter PLC Splitter
Fabrication Method Two or more pieces of optical fibers are bound together and put on a fused-taper fiber device. The fibers are then drawn out according to the output branch and ratio with one fiber being singled out as the input. Consists of one optical chip and several optical arrays depending on the output ratio. The optical arrays are coupled on both ends of the chip.
Operating Wavelength 1310nm and lSSOnm (standard); 850nm (custom) 1260nm -1650nm (full wavelength)
Application HFC (network of fiber and coaxial cable for CATV); All FTIH applications. Same
Performance Up to 1:8 – reliable. For larger splits reliability can become an issue. Good for all splits. High level of reliability and stability.
Input/Output One or two inputs with an output maximum of 32 fibers. One or two inputs with an output maximum of 64 fibers.
Package Steel Tube (used mainly in equipment); ABS Black Module (Conventional) Same
Input/Output Cable Bare optical fiber; 0.9mm, 2.0mm, and 3.0mm Same


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