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LC/APC Optical Fiber Patchcord

LC/APC Optical Fiber Patchcord

Summery of the LC/APC type optic fiber patchcord This LC/APC (Lucent Connector /Angle Physical Contact) connector was developed to meet the need for smaller and easier-to-use fiber optic connectors. The LC/PC connector reduces space required on panels by 50% compared to SC/PC connectors....

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1. Summery of the LC/APC type optic fiber patchcord

This LC/APC (Lucent Connector /Angle Physical Contact) connector was developed to meet the need for smaller and easier-to-use fiber optic connectors. The LC/PC connector reduces space required on panels by 50% compared to SC/PC connectors. Packaged with a strain relief boot for Ø900 µm tubing and a dust cap, this connector has a Ø1.25 mm, spring-loaded, ceramic ferrule and a typical insertion loss of 0.10 dB. Thorlabs also offers loose ceramic LC/PC ferrules as well as splice-ready LC/PC connectors. LC is a registered trademark of Lucent Technology.

As an alternative to buying and assembling separate optical fiber, connectors, and furcation tubing, Thorlabs also offers custom pre-built patch cables using the connectors sold on this page. See our Custom Fiber Patch Cable Configurator to place an order.

2. Application of the LC/APC type optic fiber patchcord

1)CATV transfer system
2)LAN and access network
3)Telecom,Gigabit data network
4)medical equipments
5)Industry and military applications


3. Features of the LC/APC type optic fiber patchcord

1)Smaller Ferrule and Housing Size than SC/PC Connectors

2) Ferrule:Ø1.25 mm, Ceramic

3)Strain Relief Boot for Ø900 µm Tubing and Connector Cap Included


4. Technical data of the LC/APC type optic fiber patchcord

1) insertion loss:<=0.3dB

2) return loss: >=60dB(APC type)

3) work temperature: -40℃~+75℃

4) repeatability:<=0.2dB

5) interchangeability:<=0.2dB

6) plug times:1000 times

7) tensile strength:50N

5. Ordering information of the LC/APC type optic fiber patchcord 

1)product name: fiber optic patchcord/pigtail

2)connector type : FC、SC、LC、MU、MT-RJ etc

3)interface type: UPC、APC

4)Transmission mode: SM,MM

5)fiber cores: single ,dual

6)fiber diameter: Φ0.9,Φ2,Φ3mm

7)fiber length: user-defined


6. Workshop introduce

There are 495 staff at least with technical secondary school degree, among which 1 Dr, more than 28 engineers and above. We have more than 4500 square meters of purification workshop .


7. After-sale-service

Qingdao APT regards sincerity as our enterprise foundation, clients-requirement as management ideas, aims to offer top-class quality products with advanced technology, reliable performance and perfect service thoughtfully for our clients. APT will carry out the following quality policy to achieve those goals:

1.APT adopts advanced production technology and testing equipment so as to enhance the products market competition ability
2.APT offers reliable products quality and service instead of saving cost protect our clients’ interests.
3.APT adheres to IS0 9001:2008 quality control system so as to offer 100% qualified products and satisfactory service

Apt promises to clients the following through the above policy implementation:
1.APT provides qualified products to guarantee 100% testing in accordance with various quality performance standards, and trying to realize the product quality zero complaint.
2.All products’ technical data accord with national standard, industry standard, and international standards such as IEC and Bellcore, etc.
3.We will exchange new products for our clients free of charge within one year, if it is really our manufacturing quality problem ; We will replace new products payed by clients with equal or less than the sales price after a year because of our quality fault
4.We will solve the clients’ quality, service complaints within 24 hours. The technical engineers will solve the clients’ difficulties on spot if in need. We try our best to realize zero after-sale complaints

Technical Support: +86-0532-86768575
After-sale Service: +86-0532-86767306  


8. FAQ

1) What are LC fiber patchcords?

LC connector was developed by Lucent Technologies and is a more evolutionary approach to achieving the goals of a SFF (small form factor) connector.

LC connector utilizes traditional components of a SC duplex connector having independent ceramic ferrules and housings with the overall size scaled down by one half.

The LC family of connectors includes a stand-alone simplex design; a “behind the wall” (BTW) connector; and the duplex connector available in both single mode and multimode tolerances, all designed using the RJ-style latch.


2) LC Connector Applications

The LC Connector Product is a robust optical connector designed to support Telecom and Datacom networks. The connector family includes but not limited to Jumper Connectors, Behind the Wall connectors (BTW), Adapters, Attenuators, Jumpers and an assortment of connector modules and panels.

The connector is defined as the plug portion equipped with a tunable cylindrical ferrule while incorporating unique trigger and latch features.

The LC Connector family provides a size reduction relative to traditional connectors, which has coined the term Small Form Factor connectors (SFF). SFF connectors are typically 50% smaller than standard SC and ST fiber products. The LC was designed to be a high performance SFF incorporating traditional technology, advances in latching systems, and versatile enough for both single mode and multimode fiber applications.


3) Types of LC Connectors and Their Respective Applications

LC connector comes in single mode and multimode tolerances. For single mode, it also features LC/UPC and LC/APC polish. LC/APC has a 8 degree angle to minimize back reflection and can be easily recognized by its green colored housing and strain relief boot.


9. Latest news

Cignal AI bullish on 400G coherent

April 19, 2018 Lightwave Staff


Cignal AI doesn't believe coherent 400-Gbps technology will begin ramping significantly until next year – but it will prove more popular than the market research firm initially anticipated, according to the company's most recent "Optical Applications Report." Andrew Schmitt, lead analyst at Cignal AI, cites a growing number of applications for pluggable 400G ZR technology as well as improved performance from systems operating at 400G and greater across all distances.

"Coherent 400G will cap the growth of existing 200G and 100G technologies by 2020 as new equipment becomes available that maximizes optical capacity independent of reach," said Andrew Schmitt, lead analyst for Cignal AI. "Compact modular equipment is the enabling platform, with revenue almost quadrupling in 2017, and we expect that it will continue to grow at least 40 percent per year through 2022."

That leaves vendors of 100G and 200G coherent to maximize their opportunities in the short term. The report indicates 200G technology accounts for more than 10 percent of the market, with Ciena and Nokia leading the way. Meanwhile, coherent 100G port shipment growth in North America outpaced that of the Chinese market during 2017 for the first time. However, price declines offset the increased port shipments, leaving revenue growth flat. The good news for suppliers is that Cignal AI expects a more stable pricing environment in 2018, leaving to a brighter financial picture for vendors in the space.

The "Optical Applications Report" provides market share and forecasts for revenue and port shipments for optical equipment across such applications as 100G+ coherent, compact modular, and advanced packet-OTN switching hardware. Deliverables include an Excel file with the complete data set, a PowerPoint summary, and Cignal AI's "Optical Equipment Active Insight."

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