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SC/UPC Optical Fiber Pigtail

SC/UPC Optical Fiber Pigtail

Summary of SC/UPC type optic fiber pigtail SC/UPC type fiber optic pigtail,an detachable and movable connection device between optical fibers. Outer sheath is PVC casing, the function of aramid yarn is strengthened in it.The connector has the advantages of simple structure, convenient...

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1.Summary of SC/UPC type optic fiber pigtail

SC/UPC type fiber optic pigtail,an detachable and movable connection device between optical fibers. Outer sheath is PVC casing, the function of aramid yarn is strengthened in it.The connector has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, widely used in optical cable TV network,and so on.


2.Application of SC/UPC type optic fiber pigtail

1) FTTH, LAN, PON & Optical CATV, Local ring net
2) Optical fiber communication system 
3) Optical fiber test equipment
4) Optical fiber sensor 
5) Industry and military application


3.Feature of SC/UPC type optic fiber pigtail

1)Compliant with international standard such as ANSI,Bellcore, TLA/EIA, IEC,also according with the industrial standards of Telecom in China
2)Realize the activelink of optic fiber transmission
3)Low insertion loss and high return loss

4)Excellent repeatability and interchangeability

4.Technical data of SC/UPC type optic fiber pigtail

1) insertion loss:<=0.2db

2) return loss: >=50db(upc type)

3) work temperature: -40℃~+80℃

4) repeatability

5) interchangeability

6) plug times

7) tensile strength

5.Ordering information of SC/UPC type optic fiber pigtail

1)product name: fiber optic patchcord/pigtail

2)connector type : FC、SC、LC、MU、MT-RJ etc

3)interface type: UPC、APC

4)Transmission mode: SM,MM

5)fiber cores: single ,dual

6)fiber diameter: Φ0.9,Φ2,Φ3mm

7)fiber length: user-defined


6.Our services

1)Professional manufacturer, 100% tested.

2)Customers solutions in days, not weeks.

3)Warmly services with careful attentions.

4)Can provide your specific inquiry within 24 hours.

5)Save much costs, bring more benefit for customer to expand business. 

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7.Product qualification  


8.Deliver shipping



1)Do you accept international orders?

Yes, we do. We ship worldwide and have warehouses in different countries.


2)Can I install APT.COM's transceivers Cisco, 3Com, HP equipment without affecting the security of the radio equipment which it is to be installed in?

It is a misconception that using third party transceivers will void your switch warranty. The truth is that they do not. And most importantly, it is against the law for the OEM to say yes. The Magnuson-Moss Federal Trade Commission Act protects consumers from this mistake! Under this act consumer warranties can not include tie-in sales. In other words, manufacturers can not force you to buy their transceivers to keep your warranty valid.


3)Can I get a discount if I order large quantities of an item?

When you buy in large quantities and you can save even more. Simply call corresponding salesman, or Live Chat, or send an email to corresponding salesman for a volume discount.


10. Latest News

Reforms to make SOEs stronger

Updated : 2018-04-12( China Daily )

China will boost the efficiency of its State-owned enterprises with market-oriented principles in the next round of the nation's opening-up so they can better compete in overseas markets, the head of the State-owned assets regulator said on Wednesday.

Xiao Yaqing, chairman of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, said that China will continue to optimize the operation of SOEs, boost their strength, and encourage them to enhance their cooperation with foreign firms in the global marketplace.

Xiao made the remarks at a panel discussion at the annual conference at Boao Forum for Asia, responding to points raised by some participants about the size of China's State-owned enterprises and their core competitiveness.

Xiao said that, to further meet domestic demand, SOEs will continue to improve their capacity in terms of supply, as well as innovative and research capability, in sectors including telecommunications, power, transportation and aviation.

Meanwhile, China's SOEs will seek greater cooperation with foreign firms in the oil, mining and energy sectors, according to Xiao.

"Competition will create new markets and provide more services. The participation of Chinese SOEs will inject vitality into international markets and result in more opportunities for cooperation with world-class international firms," he said.

Zhu Min, an economist and former deputy managing director of the International Monetary Fund, said that boosting competitiveness is the key to China's SOE reform.

"It doesn't really matter whether the representation of SOEs in the Chinese economy expands or not. That should be a result of market competition. The key is whether they are getting more efficient and are globally competitive," Zhu said.

Hans-Paul Buerkner, chairman of Boston Consulting Group, said that China's continuous reform and opening-up will help create a level playing field for fair competition among companies and will also help China accelerate the process of becoming a high-income country.

"We should get away from the idea they (the SOEs) are weak and need protection. In fact they are very strong companies," Buerkner said.

"It would be a mistake to protect uncompetitive companies. The key is providing a level playing field and making sure they stay competitive and move forward with technology and innovation to ensure resources are well used and managed," he added.

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