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Plc Output Type

- May 17, 2018 -

Folding relay output

Different AC and DC loads may be provided between different common points, and the voltage may be different. The load current may reach 2A/point; however, the relay output method is not suitable for high-frequency operation load, which is determined by the life of the relay. . Its life span decreases with the increase of load current, generally between several hundred thousand times and several million times. Some company products can reach more than 10 million times and the response time is 10ms.

Folded transistor output

Adapted to high-frequency operation, the response time is short, generally about 0.2ms, but it can only take a DC 5-30V load, the maximum output load current is 0.5A/point, but every 4 points can not be greater than 0.8A.

Folding thyristor output

Thyristor (SCR) with 0.2A/point load capacity, only with AC load, can adapt to high frequency operation, response time is 1ms.

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