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Plc Application

- May 17, 2018 -

Switching logic control

This is the most basic and widest application area of PLC controllers. It replaces the traditional relay circuit and realizes logic control and sequence control. It can be used for single device control as well as multi-machine group control and automation lines. Such as injection molding machines, printing presses, staple machines, machine tools, grinding machines, packaging production lines, plating lines and so on.

Folding analog control

In the industrial production process, there are many continuously changing quantities, such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, liquid level, and speed, all of which are analog quantities. In order for the programmable controller to process analog quantities, A/D conversion and D/A conversion between Analog and Digital must be implemented. PLC manufacturers all produce matching A/D and D/A conversion modules, making programmable controllers for analog control.

Folding motion control

The PLC controller can be used for the control of circular motion or linear motion. From the point of view of the control mechanism configuration, the direct use of switch I/O modules in the early stage to connect position sensors and actuators now typically uses dedicated motion control modules. For example, a single-axis or multi-axis position control module that can drive stepper motors or servo motors. The products of all major PLC controller manufacturers in the world have almost all motion control functions and are widely used in various machinery, machine tools, robots, elevators, and other occasions.

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