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'Peppa' Movie Teaser A Tear-jerker For Chinese

- Jan 20, 2019 -

An upcoming film's teaser, which features an elderly man's search for a cartoon character in rural China, went viral on the internet for its tear-jerking yet hilarious rendition of family bonds, as Chinese New Year-a traditional time for family reunions-approaches.

The video, titled What Is Peppa? was rolled out on Thursday to promote a live-action-animation hybrid movie that features an animated figure named Peppa Pig. It is scheduled to hit big screens on Feb 5, the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar's Year of the Pig.

The teaser begins with an old man in a mountainous rural village asking his grandson on the phone what New Year's gifts the child wanted. He only heard the word "Peppa" because of a poor mobile signal. And so the man went on a journey to find out what the boy meant.

Humorous moments followed, as the grandfather, Li Yubao, mistook a bottle of shampoo, a female live streamer and a chess piece for the porcine character Peppa during his search. Each pronunciation is close to "Peppa" in Chinese.

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