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Interference With PLC

- May 17, 2018 -

Space radiation interference

The space's radiated electromagnetic field (EMI) is mainly generated by the power network, the transient process of electrical equipment, lightning, radio, television, radar, high-frequency induction heating equipment, etc. It is usually called radiated interference and its distribution is extremely complicated. If the PLC controller system is placed in the RF field, it will receive radiated interference, the impact of which mainly through two paths: First, the direct radiation to the PLC, the circuit induced interference; Second, the PLC communication network Radiation, introduced by the induction of the communication line, interferes. The radiated interference is related to the field equipment layout and the electromagnetic field generated by the equipment, especially the frequency. Generally, shielded cables and partial shields and high-pressure bleeder components of the PLC controller are used for protection.

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