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Common Jumpers

- May 17, 2018 -

Telephone jumper

The "jumper" of the computer's internal card is a small metal bar (jumper bar) embedded on the main board, sound card, hard disk, etc., as well as a small clip (jumper clip) on the metal stick. The role of the jumper is to adjust the on and off relationship of different electrical signals on the device, and to adjust the working status of the device, such as determining the motherboard voltage, the master-slave relationship of the driver, and so on. When the jumper clip is put on two jumper posts at the same time, it means that the two jumper posts are connected. If only one or no jumper is connected, it means disconnection. Adjusting the jumper is very important. If you make a mistake, it will cause you to crash. Seriously, you can even burn the entire device. Therefore, when you adjust the jumper, you must read the instructions carefully to check the jumper name, the jumper column number, and the continuity relationship.

The jumpers on the motherboard usually include jumpers for CPU settings, CMOS clear jumpers, and BIOS write-protect jumpers. Among them, the CPU jumper settings are the most complex, if the motherboard is relatively old, you must set the core voltage, FSB, multiplier jumper on the motherboard. Set the corresponding jumper according to the motherboard specification and CPU frequency. Under normal circumstances, the corresponding CPU voltage on the motherboard is a set of jumpers, each jumper corresponds to a voltage value, find the appropriate voltage value, plug a short cap to connect it. This voltage is selected. Similarly, find the FSB jumper and multiplier jumper to set the appropriate FSB and multiplier. Note that only one jumper can be selected for each jumper.

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