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Passive optical network system

- May 17, 2018 -

Complexity of management reduces operation and maintenance costs. Secondly, PON's business transparency is good, its bandwidth is wide, it can be applied to any format and rate signal, it can support analog broadcast TV service more economically, and has triple-play function. Thirdly, the central office equipment and optical fiber (from the feeder section to the lead-in line) are shared by users. As a result, the length of optical fiber lines and the number of transceivers are small, the corresponding cost is lower than other point-to-point communication methods, and the cost of civil construction can also be significant. reduce. In particular, with the increasing advancement of optical fiber to users, its comprehensive advantages have become increasingly apparent. The cost per user of PON drops rapidly with the increase in the number of users sharing OLT, and thus it is most suitable for scattered small businesses and residential users, especially those users who have more dispersed areas and relatively small areas in each area. User area, especially new area.

Finally, the degree of standardization of passive optical networks is good, and they are basically divided into two major categories: ITUFSAN (Full Service Access Network) and IEEE, and can provide independent and feasible single compatible solutions. Therefore, most large US telecommunication companies tend to choose PON instead of optical Ethernet technology. The main disadvantage of PON is that the one-time input cost is higher, because the central office optical line terminal (0LT) is expensive, and passive infrastructure such as optical fibers and splitters must be in place once, so that when the number of users is small or the user is distributed over a certain At a limited distance, the cost per user is high and a large amount of sedimentation costs are incurred. In addition, its tree branch topology structure makes users have no protection function or high protection cost, which affects the large-scale development.

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