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FTTH main features

- May 17, 2018 -

The advantages of FTTH are mainly five points: First, it is a passive network, from the central office to the user, the middle can basically be passive; Second, its bandwidth is relatively wide

The long distance is exactly in line with the large-scale use of operators; third, because it is a service carried on fiber, there is no problem; Fourth, because of its wider bandwidth, the supported protocols are more flexible; , With the development of technology, including point-to-point, 1.25G and FTTH methods have developed a more complete function.

In the optical access family, there are FTTB (Fiber To The Building) fiber to the building, FTTC (Fiber To The Curb) fiber to the roadside, and FTTSA (Fiber To The Service Area) fiber to the service area.

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