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Description of the ftth box Optical fiber distribution box of FTTH Optical network client distribution equipment, mainly for optical transmission terminal into molten end, light, output wiring and other functions, can effectively the cable for terminating, protection and management, optical...

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Product Details

1. Description of the ftth box

 Optical fiber distribution box of FTTH Optical network client distribution equipment, mainly for optical transmission terminal into molten end, light, output wiring and other functions, can effectively the cable for terminating, protection and management, optical network transmission equipment necessary.

2. Product Details of the ftth box

Place of Origin:


Brand Name:

New Light



3.Payment shipping terma:

Minimum Order Quantity:

10 pcs



Packaging Details:

1 piece per pack

Delivery Time:

within 2 weeks

Payment Terms:

T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

Supply Ability:

1000 pcs per month

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Sc upc adapter 8 core fiber optic termination box 8 port for the optical fiber splice




ABS Material




Wall Mount Fiber    Termination Box




Fiber Optic Assembly

4.Application of the ftth box

1, for the optical fiber splice, branch;
2, can flip, disk can be superimposed, expand capacity, installation, use andconvenient.
3. 6 ports for one unit
4. Fiber pigtail management
5. Easy for installation and removement
6.It can be put into the optic distribution box






Transparent    cover or not.



5. Parameters of the ftth box

Working Temperature

- 40 degrees ~+60    degrees C

Relative humidity

93% (at+40 degrees C)

Atmospheric pressure

62kpa~101kpa (approximate elevation of 0~5000  meters)

Insertion loss

Less than 0.35dB

Reversal loss

Not less than 50dB

Plug endurance    performance

>1000 times

Insulation resistance



> 3000V (DC) /1min no  breakdown, no fly arc.

6.Feature of the ftth box

1. flame-retardant engineering plastics ABS box polycarbonate material mixed after high temperature live molding, plastic alloy steel reputation, product shape, smooth lines, strong impact resistance, protective capacity of up to IP55 level.

2. this product is a multipurpose wiring device, not only when the light box can also use when the splitter box, convenient and flexible operation.

3. unique anti-theft lock box design, flexible opening and closing, good protective performance.

4. the hinge structure unique, the construction can easily be removed and installed on the box cover used in welding line.

5. by double plate structure, high density and light configuration of port facilities.

Three, the use of the way

6. junction box use: when won't work the way the light, the 24 SC type adaptor used as connectors, each side into the end of the 24 SC pin to complete optical path connected box input of the output optical fiber cables.

7. the optical splitter box use: when the need to use cassette optical splitter box, science will 1 minute 16 or 32 points of the time box points placing device is fixed in the box bottom disk fiber system can be used as an optical splitter box.

8. optical splitter box using the second way: when you need to use in chip optical splitter, 1 8 in chip optical splitter 1 or 2 insert a replica of the front of the card box and is fixed, can use as optical splitter box.

1 or 2 fixed cartridge into a replica of a positive, can be used as optical splitter box.

9. optical splitter box using three ways: when also need to use cassette, inserted type optical branching device, cassette light splitter placement in the lower layer and the in chip optical splitter is placed in the upper.

Four, install and use

10. installation methods: the box body is opened, remove the lid, a plastic package from attachment to 3 sets of expansion nail, lay the wall hole, in the specified position into the bolt from the bottom box front with 3 screws can be tightened.

11. laying fiber optic cable:

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