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48cores Dome Type Splice Junction Box

48cores Dome Type Splice Junction Box

Summary of the 48cores dome type splice junction box Fiber optic junction box is a passive component which can provide a great protection for fiber splicing point. Aerially assembling, pipeline assembling and buried underground are all available. The DOME type splice junction box is also...

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1.Summary of the 48cores dome type splice junction box 

Fiber optic junction box is a passive component which can provide a great protection for fiber splicing point. Aerially assembling, pipeline assembling and buried underground are all available. The DOME type splice junction box is also called dome/Vertical splice closure. The input and output ports are at the bottom of the closure. DOME closure is more suitable for the application on accessing layer. GELINK provides various shapes closure of DOME type. All the closures we offered are with a great sealing performance. High quality ABS material also ensures the durability whether the closure is in air, in pipeline or buried underground.



1) in and out of cable count: two in and two out

2) capacity: 12 ~ 96 cores

3)material:PC or ABS


3.Product performance  

1) the sealing performance reliable;

2) one-time seal or repeat open optional;

3) ground protection and reliable;

4) the optical fiber protection, and to ensure that the curvature radius acuity 40 mm;

5) half-and-half type open, maintenance is convenient;


4.Technical index  

1) the environment temperature:-40 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃

2) the atmospheric pressure: 70 ~ 106 Kpa

3) tensile force: 1000 N

4) of stress: 2000 N / 10 square centimeters, time 1 min

5) insulation resistance: 20000 M Ω

6) high crushing strength: 15 KV (DC) / 1 min not breakdown, no fly arc


5.Order information  


GY08-2    fiber optical splice closure


In and out cable count:two in and two out

fibers:12 ~ 96  core


user  decide


1)What if my company is sales tax exempt? 
For any order outside the state of CO we do not charge sales tax. For orders inside CO and paying with a credit card, please call us at 800-322-4525 and we can give you a 4 digit pin number to add to your shipping zip code to remove the sales tax from the order. If ordering with a PO #, sales tax will be removed from the order on our end once processed. Please add a note in the order that you are sales tax exempt along with your tax ID #.


2)Options for ftth optical fiber cables

FTTH (fiber to the home) provides an excellent platform for high or ultra-high speed access technologies. And FTTH solutions bring great benefits to fixed access networks and advanced wireless networks. FTTH network constitutes a fiber-based access network, connecting a large number of end users to a central point known as an access node or point of presence (POP). What kind of optical fiber cables can be used in FTTH deployment? This paper will tell the answer.

Factors to consider

There are several types of fiber optic cables that can be used in FTTH network. Usually, the future proofed FTTH schemes are based on single-mode fiber (SMF) cables. But in some specific situations, the multimode fiber (MMF) cables can also be used. A number of factors should be taken into consideration when making final decision.

Network architecture

The choice of network architecture has an impact on the data rate that must be delivered by the fiber and the available optical power budget of the network. And both factors affect the choice of optical fiber.

Network size

Network size refers to the number of premises served by the network. However, in this context it refers to the physical distance across the network. The available power budget will determine how far the POP can be located from the subscriber. Power budgets are influenced by all the components in the optical path including the fiber.

Fiber type of existing network

If an existing network is expanded, the optical fiber in the new network segments must be compatible with the fiber in the existing network.

Expected lifetime

FTTH networks are designed with a lifespan of at least 30 years. So it is imperative that investments to the FTTH infrastructure are suitable for future needs. Changes to the choice of fiber during the expected lifespan of the FTTH network are not a realistic option.

Optical fiber basis

Optical fiber is effectively a light pipe carrying pulses of light generated by lasers or other optical sources to a receiving sensor (detector). Transmission of light in an optical fiber can be achieved over considerable distances, supporting high-speed applications unsustainable by today’s copper-based networks. Fiber is made from high purity silica. Initially formed into glass-like rods, they are drawn into fine hair-like strands and covered with a thin protective plastic coating. It consists of a core, cladding and outer coating. Light pulses are launched into the core region. The surrounding cladding keeps the light traveling down the core and prevents it from leaking out and an outer coating, usually made of a polymer, is applied during the drawing process.

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