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24cores Dome Type Splice Junction Box

24cores Dome Type Splice Junction Box

Summary of the 24cores dome type fiber optical junction box 24cores dome type fiber optical splice junction box,also called fiber optical splice closure, adopt two in and two out structure. Fiber splice closures are made from special industrial grade, high tension plastic with a reliable...

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1.Summary of the 24cores dome type fiber optical junction box 

24cores dome type fiber optical splice junction box,also called fiber optical splice closure, adopt two in and two out structure. Fiber splice closures are made from special industrial grade, high tension plastic with a reliable moisture barrier. They are also optimized to resist aging of the material due to factors in the natural environment such as ultraviolet light.

1)The box adds aging-resistant in imported high tensile construction plastic out-faster is made up of stainless steel

2) Overlap structure in splicing tray is easy to install

3)Suitable for ordinary fiber and ribbon fiber

4)Perfect leak proofness

5)Perfect and reliable sealing operations

6) Fiber-bending radium guaranteed more than 40mm

7)Full accessories for convenient operations

8)Fiber optic splice closure can be used repeatedly

9)For aerial, and direct buried applications



1) in and out of cable count: two in and two out

2) capacity: 12 ~ 96 cores


3.Product performance  

1)Suitable for ordinary fiber and ribbon fiber.

2)Fully kitted with all parts for convenient operation.

3)Overlap structure in splicing tray for easy installation.

4)Fiber-bending radium guaranteed more than 40mm.

5)Easy to install and re-entry with a common can wrench


4.Technical index  

1) the environment temperature:-40 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃

2) the atmospheric pressure: 70 ~ 106 Kpa

3) tensile force: 1000 N

4) of stress: 2000 N / 10 square centimeters, time 1 min

5) insulation resistance: 2*104 M Ω

6) high crushing strength: 15 KV (DC) / 1 min not breakdown, no fly electric arc 


1)what’s the fiber optic splice closure installation steps
Here I will outline the main steps involved in fiber splice closure installation. For more detailed steps, please follow the links in the author's bio section below.

1. Components in the closure
Fiber optic splice closure kit usually includes: end plate, splice tray organizer, fiber splice tray, cover, cable grommets, grommet retainer, mounting bracket and misc. hardware.

2. Fiber cable sheath preparation
2.1 Expose the rip cord. This step involves mark the location with a tape marker, ring-cut the outer jacket with a sharp knife, remove the corrugated armor if applicable, and shave off the outer jacket to expose the rip cord.

2.2 Remove the outer sheath. This step involves make a longitudinal slit down the outer sheath, peel off the outer jacket and corrugated metal, can cut the rip cord flush with the end of the corrugated metal.
2.3 Remove the inner jacket. This step involves using the rip cord under the inner jacket to slit it, cut aramid yarns, cut central strength member, and clean the filling compound.

3. Bonding and grounding hardware installation
Bond clamp installation. This step involves slide the cable clamp over sheath, slide the bond shoe under the corrugated metal, place the bond plate over the bond shoe and secure the sheath grip.

4. Assembly of cables to splice closure
The preferable location for the two main cables is in the lower end plate port. If a third or fourth cable is required, it is easier to install it in the upper end plate port as a branch cable. This fiber optic splice closure is designed for two cables in each of its two ports. If only one cable will be installed in a port, the provided rubber grommet plug is used to substitute for the second cable.

4.1 Install Cables to End Plate. This step involves unscrew knob and remove grommet retainer, position the end plate assembly, attach the sheath grip to dielectric cables, slide cables and sheath grip through, and secure sheath grip to backbone.

4.2 Grommet Installation and External Grounding. This step involves apply B-sealant, push the grommets into the end plate port, and apply more B-Sealant.

4.3 Fiber Unit Preparation and Distribution Organizer Installation. This step involves remove more loose tubes, separate each cable's loose tube into two groups, position the distribution organizer, secure the loose tubes to the distribution organizer, and secure the loose tubes.

4.4 Splice Tray Installation. This step involves place the splice tray, fasten the end of the splice tray to the organizer, and install cables, grommets and external ground.

4.5 Optical Fiber Splicing. This step involves splice holder placing, fiber splicing and fasten the splice holder lid.

5. Fiber Optic Splice Closure Cover Installation

6. Closure Mounting

7. Reentry

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