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SC APC Adapter

Product introduction of the SC/APC adapter SC/APC fiber optical adapter are used to calibrate two SC/APC fiber optics connectors. Adapter product and application of the SC/APC adapter . telecommunication network, access network .CATV equipment.terminals, multimedia interface

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Product Details

1.Product introduction of the SC/APC adapter

SC/APC fiber optical adapter are used to calibrate two SC/APC fiber optics connectors.


2.Adapter product and application of the SC/APC adapter

1) telecommunication network, access network

2) CATV equipment

3) terminals, multimedia interface

4) test, medical equipment data interface


3.Adapter product characteristics of the SC/APC adapter

1) meet Bellcore, T826-1996,, and the YD/1272.3-2005 standard;

2) low insertion loss, high precision of connector in

3) high precision mechanical sizes, import ceramic sleeve

4) has good repeatability, and environmental stability is good


4.Adapter technical index of the SC/APC adapter

1) insertion loss: more than 0.2 dB (including repeatability)

2) the interchangeability: 0.1 dB

3) inserted number: 1000 times

4) working temperature: 80 ℃ ~ + 40


1)SC Fiber Optic Adapter

Covered with a rectangular shell, SC fiber optic adapter has the same configuration and size of the coupling pin cover as FC fiber optic adapter. From its structures, SC fiber optic adapter can be classified into simplex standard, duplex standard and shuttered standard. From its materials, metal and plastic are commonly used for SC fiber optic adapter. SC fiber optic adapter enables a high precision alignment with a low insertion, return loss and back reflection.

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6. Latest news

Overcoming the rate–distance limit of quantum key distribution without quantum repeaters

Quantum key distribution (QKD)1,2 allows two distant parties to share encryption keys with security based on physical laws. 

Experimentally, QKD has been implemented via optical means, achieving key rates of 1.26 megabits per second over 50 kilometres of standard optical fibre3and of 1.16 bits per hour over 404 kilometres of ultralow-loss fibre in a measurement-device-independent configuration4. Increasing the bit rate and range of QKD is a formidable, but important, challenge. A related target, which is currently considered to be unfeasible without quantum repeaters5,6,7, is overcoming the fundamental rate–distance limit of QKD8. 

This limit defines the maximum possible secret key rate that two parties can distil at a given distance using QKD and is quantified by the secret-key capacity of the quantum channel9 that connects the parties. Here we introduce an alternative scheme for QKD whereby pairs of phase-randomized optical fields are first generated at two distant locations and then combined at a central measuring station. Fields imparted with the same random phase are ‘twins’ and can be used to distil a quantum key. 

The key rate of this twin-field QKD exhibits the same dependence on distance as does a quantum repeater, scaling with the square-root of the channel transmittance, irrespective of who (malicious or otherwise) is in control of the measuring station. 

However, unlike schemes that involve quantum repeaters, ours is feasible with current technology and presents manageable levels of noise even on 550 kilometres of standard optical fibre. This scheme is a promising step towards overcoming the rate–distance limit of QKD and greatly extending the range of secure quantum communications.

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