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LC/APC Adapter

LC/APC Adapter

Product introduction of the LC/APC adapter LC/APC fiber optical adapter are used to calibrate two LC/APC fiber optics connectors. Adapter product and application of the LC/APC adapter . telecommunication network, access network . CATV equipment .terminals, multimedia interface .

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1.Product introduction of the LC/APC adapter

LC/APC fiber optical adapter are used to calibrate two LC/APC fiber optics connectors.


2.Adapter product and application of the LC/APC adapter

1) telecommunication network, access network

2) CATV equipment

3) terminals, multimedia interface

4) test, medical equipment data interface


3.Adapter product characteristics of the LC/APC adapter

1) meet Bellcore, T826-1996,, and the YD/1272.1-2003 standard;

2) low insertion loss, high precision of connector in

3) high precision mechanical sizes, import ceramic sleeve

4) has good repeatability, and environmental stability is good


4.Adapter technical index of the LC/APC adapter

1) insertion loss: more than 0.2 dB (including repeatability)

2) the interchangeability: 0.1 dB

3) inserted number: 1000 times

4) working temperature: 80 ℃ ~ + 40


1)LC Fiber Optic Adapter

LC fiber optic adapter adopts the modular jack latch mechanism which is easy to operate. Using the smaller pins and sleeves, LC fiber optic adapter greatly increases the density of fiber optic connector. There are three types of LC fiber optic adapter in simplex, duplex and quad structures.

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6.Latest news

Fusion Media deploys Calix AXOS E3-2 PON node

April 23, 2018 Lightwave Staff

Northeast Arkansas cable systems operator Fusion Media will expand its use of the AXOS E3-2 Intelligent PON Node from Calix, Inc. (NYSE:CALX), the broadband technology company reports. The new deployments come after Fusion Media's success in using the systems to address a service outage, and will enable the cable company to meet the bandwidth demands of its growing residential and business customers, Calix says.

Introduced in 2016, the AXOS E3-2 is an environmentally hardened remote fiber node for cable operator networks that supports fiber deep and Distributed Access Architecture initiatives (see "Calix AXOS E3-2 Intelligent PON Node supports distributed access network architectures"). The fact that operators can deploy the system aerially, on a pole, or in a pedestal came in handy, Calix says, when Fusion Media experienced a service outage that led to the rapid deployment of new hardware. Fusion was able to order, receive, and deploy the AXOS E3-2s "in a matter of days," according to Calix.

Now, Fusion Media will roll out the system into other parts of its network. "Our serving area has experienced rapid growth in recent years as the local economy has boomed and never slowed down, bringing new residents and businesses to our communities, including a new state-of-the-art hospital," said Chris Woodall, network engineer at Fusion Media. "It is imperative to our business to be the first to offer fiber-based services to these new subscribers. The Calix AXOS E3-2 with its node-based design allows us to enter the market faster, staying ahead of the competition. 

As we move into new communities and neighborhoods, the E3-2, with its sealed form factor, allows us to deploy services faster in areas where fiber is at a premium, eliminating the cost and time associated with new cabinets and fiber rollout while offering exceptional services virtually anywhere."

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